Behave And Be Safe

We're committed to maintaining a meaningful, enjoyable community and therefore ask you to follow these simple rules:

Be of Minimum Age
You need to be 13+ to be on Undecided. We reserve the right to delete your comments, videos and deactivate your account if we suspect you are underage.

Be Nice
Bullying, threats and harassment will not be tolerated. Videos and/or comments with hateful, racist, violent, sexist or pornographic content will be removed and accounts can be deactivated without notice.

Be Original
Make sure you stick to the Undecided format and create content that is relevant to the decision you need to make. Plagiarised or copyrighted material is forbidden and will be deleted.

Be a Good Citizen
Please notify our administrators of any misbehaviour by flagging inappropriate videos or comments. This includes self-promotion and third party links with commercial or advertising purposes.

Be Safe
Maintaining a safe community here at Undecided is of the utmost importance to us, so please keep the following in mind:

Be Smart
Do not share personal information about yourself or others. This includes phone numbers, emails, physical addresses and (of course) bank information, credit card and social security numbers.

Be Wary
Keep in mind that people who post on Undecided may not be who they claim they are. They may provide you with false information without your best interests in mind.

Be Rational
Undecided users are here to advise you on every situation. Remember, their advice is only a suggestion; you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make.

Be Careful
If you decide to see someone in person that you meet through Undecided, understand that such a meeting is at your own risk.