What is Undecided?

Undecided is an exciting new platform for people to meet, share and advise one another on the decisions we face in our lives. Because we are so bad at making decisions for ourselves and so good at advising other people!

How does Undecided work?

You need to make a decision and you are - yet again! - Undecided.
Record a video up to 30 seconds (or choose from your library), explaining the background to your issue. As the video uploads on Undecided, type your question (this is the title of your video) and up to 4 of your possible options for members to vote upon.
Your audience - your Undecided friends and/or the Undecided community - votes on the choice they think is best for YOU. Share your video question on other social media and invite your friends on Undecided to get more votes.
While waiting on the results of your video question, watch and vote on your fellow Undecider’s questions. And you can even become an Expert!

How can I become an Expert?

You earn 10 stars each time an Undecider follows your advice on Undecided. For instance if you vote for Jessica to wear that cute blue dress on her date tonight, and she follows your advice, you get 10 stars in the category Fashion.
When you reach 250 stars, you become an Expert in that category. But careful! You will lose stars if you don’t advise regularly in the category you are an Expert in - below 250 stars, you lose your Expert status Being an Expert means you are highly regarded in the Undecided community and you get a cute category icon next to your Username.
The Undecided community counts on you for good advice!

How do I get more votes for my video questions?

- Invite your friends to Undecided, then you will have more people voting on your questions and also more followers!
- Once you have received enough votes and advice, you should Decide on every question you post. Just click the large pink button “Decide” placed below the question and select the option you decided. The Undeciders who advised you that option will each receive 10 stars. It’s a good way to keep your friends and followers happy they’ll probably vote on your future video questions!

How do I get featured on the Popular pages?

Hot Now: Video questions that get the most votes/ comments/ views over the last few days will have the chance to be put on our Hot Now page.
Popular: The most popular video questions of the week can be featured on our popular page - alongside our popular users - so get voting and uploading!
Finally, we regularly feature up-and-coming influential Undeciders in “Who’s Undecided today?”, for a short period of time, alongside established influencers and brands. To get noticed, post interesting video questions and get lots of votes and followers.

How can I get verified?

We only verify very few people, those who prove to be important influencers in the Undecided community and beyond. There is no magic formula, so there is no need to ask us directly

How much does Undecided cost?

Good advice is priceless, so the Undecided app is FREE.

What are the categories?

There are currently 10 categories to choose from: Beauty, Fashion, Relationships, Food, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Pets, Travel, School and Election 2016
You can become an Expert in one or - if you are working hard at it! - more categories.

How do I create a video?

Just click the “Ask” icon (!) in the bottom toolbar to go to the recording screen.
Next, press the “Record” button at the bottom centre of the screen to start recording. You can hit ‘Pause” to stop/ start recording mid video anytime.
If you mess up (hey, nobody’s perfect) just hit the "Cancel" button and start over.

Tips for recording a great video question:

- No introduction is needed - short and sweet is the way to go!
- Practice makes perfect. Write down and run through your question before recording
- There’s no need to mention your possible options during the video; you will be prompted to write them once you’ve completed your video for members to vote upon
- Choose a short, interesting title in the question form to attract viewers and votes - Most importantly… be yourself!
Remember, if you are not pleased with the end result, you can always re-record your video question before you share it with the Undecided community.

I want only my friends to see the question I’m asking…

Friends are the people you follow and who also follow you. Before posting the video question, tap “Who should see this” next to the eye icon placed at the top right of the screen. Here you can choose to make your video visible to the entire Undecided community or just your friends (but then you will probably receive fewer votes) and your video question will not be public.

Wait, I changed my mind! Can I delete my question?

Of course! Once your video question is uploaded, you can delete it at anytime for any reason. Head over to your Questions page on your profile and swipe from right to left to delete the question of your choice.

Why can’t I comment on someone’s question anymore?

After the Undecider has made his or her decision, comments are automatically disabled, since this question is no longer Undecided. There are plenty more Undeciders’ out there who need your advice! Check out the Popular/ Explore for more video’s.


How do I sign up?

Download the free app on the iTunes App Store and sign-up for Undecided using either your Facebook account or e-mail (Sorry we’re not on Android yet!). You can immediately review and vote on your fellow Undeciders' video questions or post one of your own.

Can anyone join Undecided?

We require our members to be 13+.

How can I invite my friends?

Easily. Invite through Facebook messenger, send them a text message or even an e-mail!

On what device is Undecided available?

Undecided is available to iPhone 5 and above users in the UK and the US. Sign up on our home-page to find out when we will be expanding to Android as well as other devices and locations.


What happens if I misbehave?

The Undecided community does have some basic rules to ensure a civilised, meaningful experience for all. Check out our Behave & Be Safe guidelines and keep in mind, we reserve the right to ban offenders without any warning.

How do I report misbehaviour?

If you see a troubling video or comment (including bullying, racist or sexist remarks), Report Abuse (tap the three dots at top right of video) which will notify the team. We will deal with it. We take the flagging of inappropriate material very seriously - and so should you.

I have something to say:

Undecided is a new platform - and we welcome your feedback! Please send us a brief email at hey@undecided.com
As we receive many emails (and we are busy building the platform!), we cannot guarantee that we will reply to every email. Thank you for your understanding!

How do I report misbehaviour?

If you see a troubling video or comment (including bullying, racist or sexist remarks), Report Abuse (tap the three dots at top right of video) which will notify the team. We will deal with it. We take the flagging of inappropriate material very seriously - and so should you.


Behave and Be Safe – Read up on our Community Guidelines
Terms – Click here for the legal mumbo jumbo
Privacy – The lowdown on our Privacy and Security Policies